Best keylogger offer for office PC and Internet surveillance.

How keylogger software operates and where can it be used?

Reputable keylogger software is great demand today as it logs everything that’s going on office PC while your employees are working with it. Very often top management is getting curious about their staff productivity and performance level. Business hours are solely for business matters and shouldn’t be used in vain. Nowadays, we all have unlimited access to the Internet and using it not only to have fun bur for work as well. But some of us prefer settling personal issues while in the office, and if it doesn’t distract you from main activity and doesn’t influence your productivity you are allowed to dedicate a small amount of time but if you are using office resources for own personal benefit – this is the totally different situation.

Who may find these services useful? CEOs and managers now can look through the list of websites visited by employees and check how many hours was spent on personal issues rather than work-related matters; system administrators must know who employees use office computers and every user who is curious about own PC and wants to control it.

Employers are often asking themselves following questions regarding their employees: Are they working or playing online? Maybe they spend half of working hours chatting online with their dates or dangerous people who are curious about sensitive and financial information? Maybe they even gambling online and getting into debts or visiting pornographic websites? Keylogger is intended to help in these kinds of situations, and to exclude all these possibilities, managers choose to install keystroke recorder and monitor any suspicious activity.

With the help of this software, CEOs have complete access to web browsers search history, emails, typed passwords and usernames, running online apps, sent and received messages from Skype and other services as keylogger saves chats and voice calls and records messages submitted to various blogs or online forums and other social networks. It is also possible looking through all printed files.

Keylogger software for Windows

Without any questions, keylogger software is one of the best solutions to keep track of what’s going on in your office and how staff is spending their time.  If your employees are using Windows operational system here is what you can do with the help of reliable keylogger service:

  • You will be receiving notifications regarding what’s going on your office computers. It is easy to monitor online activity remotely;
  • Monitoring software runs in a stealth mode on the background and stays completely invisible, and doesn’t slow down computer’s operational processes;
  • Monitoring Keylogger software enables managers to track list of visited websites. Even if your team members are computer savvy and cleaning browser history you still will be aware of web page they spent time on;
  • Keylogger software records e-mails and Instant Messages chats if any of your employee selling secret information – you will know about it.

Monitoring and surveillance software is a great solution if you have suspicion regarding possible industrial espionage or think someone is trying to damage your business.

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