More than a keylogger: the greatest solution to ensure colleagues’ loyalty.

Benefits of using reliable keystroke service

The business environment is highly competitive; therefore, managers and CEO’s are making everything possible to keep staff motivated and ensure the highest level of productivity. Bearing this in mind, a lot of company leaders choose to install keystroke recorder on office computers to make sure staff members don’t spend hours on time-wasting websites. With the use of keylogger software, it is possible to keep track of every website visited, written message as well as sent or received email. Texts from the chat room and instant messaging conversations are tracked by keylogger product and later decoded so users can read them at any time.

For top managers, it is important to understand how employees spend their working hours, whether they are playing video games, watching videos, visiting personal accounts in social media, chatting, or working on non-company assignments. Common features provided by keylogger software include:

  • Watching and recording of every keystroke input by mean of any app;
  • Recording of every visited web page with indication of the date and time spent there;
  • Chats from MSN, Skype, and other services are tracked;
  • Periodic screenshots taken automatically by monitoring software in a set period also provide users with additional useful information;
  • Monitoring software intercepts and logs every keystroke hit on office computers and provides users with information regarding passwords, usernames and much more.

Before installing software, make sure the chosen product is password protected as anyone can alter settings, runs in stealth mode and has a user-friendly interface so you can adjust everything without additional help. Being maintenance-free keystroke recorder, it runs invisibly 24/7. With the use of reputable software, managers will stay posted regarding all activities performed on office computers.

Top features for worried managers

Keylogger software is designed to deal with great volumes of information, allowing monitoring office computers remotely. The majority of products are easy to set up and don’t require additional assistance or having a degree in Computer Science; any user is capable of configuring and operating successfully. Among top features that popular among users we will describe next ones:

  • The reliable software keeps logs of messages and chats, whether personal or professional ones. Any text typed or received in emails, chats, blogs, forums – online or offline services is recorded and available for your monitoring;
  • Monitoring software allows to view downloaded and running apps;
  • Keystroke recorder of reliable quality is running in complete stealth, therefore, will be completely undetectable on target PC;
  • All passwords and usernames are captured;
  • Access to Skype and MSN chats and conversations and much more.

Monitoring service serving the interests of companies’ owners and make sure employees doesn’t waste time in vain. Main objectives include maintaining productivity, protecting valuable and financial information along with other sensitive details, ensuring wise use of networked resources available for staff members.

From another point of view, this software is a great tool for industrial espionage or for stealing confidential personal or corporate data. Therefore, it should be used wisely and only to guaranty safety for your business.